Video games as a fitness regime

Video games is the latest trend in today’s world and with several people having access to technology such as this it has now become a necessity for people of all age groups. There are many companies who are famous for video games like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. There was a time when children would stick to the television screens or computers to play video games. This led to being indoors for the maximum time rather than engage in outdoor games.

It is due to lack of physical exercises and remaining indoors to play video games that could lead to many types of physical ailments like joint aches and pains, poor digestion, weak bones and even cardiac problems. In today’s world it is very important to remain physically active or you could be prone to the latest obesity syndrome spreading across the globe. Physical education professionals were getting concerned about this unhealthy trend, it was then that something really unique and new was developed.

Researchers have recently come up with some innovative type of video games called exertainment. These machines help children exercise while also giving them the excitement that video games provide. There are games like mountaineering bikes which come with ride simulation video screens which create a game environment with virtual competitors and monitoring mechanisms. These games come with visuals to track vertical jumps, rock climbing with video simulations where the gamer needs to evade obstacles or hop over hurdles. The most commonly available exertainment company is Wii. Many health clubs have also introduced exertainment machines as a part of their fitness regime.

Exertainment games are highly beneficial for people who want to remain fit and are looking for something interesting to keep them going. These video games don’t just make you fit but also let you enjoy at the same time.

video games for fitness

video games as a fitness


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