Art of speaking pictures

Photography is the art of creating pictures using radiation-sensitive medium. The depth of photography lies in the way you capture the tiniest of creature or species in an artistic fashion. Not everyone is born a photographer, but the passion and enthusiasm to capture every moment of your life in a frame drives many towards photography. The word “photography” came into being in a lecture given by Sir John Herschel before the Royal Society of London on March 14, 1839.

Photography evolved as an interest for many since its genesis. Scientists used the method of photography to capture the unknown species and fossils and keep them as a record for their further use. Artists use photography to exhibit their talent; photography involves surveillance, recognition and data storage for military, army and other investigative agencies. For amateurs photography symbolizes a means to capture their precious moments, share and entertain those moments, for story-telling and sending messages.

Several means of exhibiting photography
Black and White photography: Most primitive form of capturing your images. It has been in existence even before color photography came into being. Even, nowadays, people use this mode of photography to lay emphasis on an issue of importance, to capture an unforgettable moment, often in passport size photographs used for official works. Color Photography: Since its inception in mid 19th century, this form of photography has been the favorite of many. It has added “color” to the past, present and future moments of the life of people. Digital Photography: With the innovation of technology, photography has witnessed a renaissance as well. Different types of cameras that are portable and require less space such as digital cameras, DSLR cameras have come into being from the camera tycoons such as Canon, Nikon, Kodak etc. Ultraviolet and infrared or full spectrum photography: UV and infrared films have been in existence since the 1960s. New trends in digital photography have added a new vision to the full-spectrum technology that uses the UV and infrared medium to give artistic color to photography.

Photography is a means to represent anything in the form of artistic lines, representations, species, natural beauty, paintings etc as a “framed” experience.




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