DJs: blend of talent and performance

A Disc Jockey or a DJ, as it’s popularly known is a person who mixes and plays music from a selection of already recorded for an audience. DJs add a new touch to every song that they present. There are different types of DJs; DJs who perform on radio shows are known as Radio Disc Jockeys; their role is to play or perform music on shows that are broadcast over AM, FM, shortwave, digital or internet radio stations. Disco Jockeys who perform in various in several nightclubs, bars, discotheques, raves are called the club DJs; their role is to mix and play songs from the recorded numbers attracting the audience to dance to the tunes. There are other DJs as well who play hip hop, rap and toast their music for their audience.

What equipments go into making of DJs’ music?
DJ equipment comprises of a wide array of musical instruments; nowadays they are mostly technology driven. Sound Recordings that go into recording of the audio clips. Blend of two devices to play those sound clips; such as MP3 and compact disc players. Multiple Mixer to mix MIDI tracks with digital sound. Sound system to broadcast the audio recording. DJ mixer consisting of a headphone and audio mixer that produces the transformed recording. DJ digital controller hardware to manage files on PCs and laptops.

A person having a sound knowledge of audio, audio-sound mixing and other technical aspects of sound recording can be a DJ to die for. Presently, DJing is emerging as a part-time/full-time career option for several who wish to explore the world of sound recording. DJs are the star attraction in a party, at nightclubs, discotheques and wherever they play. With their blend of fusion music, DJs offer a relief to the Gen-next, whose life revolves around these clubs and resto-bars.




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