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Planning a vacation symbolizes trips to major tourist attractions across the globe. Some “attract” tourists due to their proximity to sea, mountains; some due to their natural beauty while some destinations are loved for their weather and people around.

World’s hottest tourist attractions:
Paris is among the top 10 holiday destinations in the world. With its zesty livelihood, Paris is an abode to diverse tourist attractions such as Eiffel Tower, hosts wonderful operas and other entertainment shows. Spain is another of tourist attractions due to its sunny climate and manageable holidays. Some of the must see places in Spain include Madrid, Estepona, Granada, Valencia, Costa Blanca etc. Rome is a fantastic getaway, mainly in the autumn and spring pouring in tourists from various parts of the world. Must visit places in Rome: The Roman Forum, Concrete Roman Colosseum etc. Goa features in the top destinations, thanks to its enchanting nightlife, serene beaches, and exemplary cuisines. Blend of Konkanese and Portuguese culture, it is the most sought after destinations in India. Mexico is situated to the south of South of Texas, an abode to a range of biodiversity and over two thousand varieties of species. Egypt, the land of pharaohs and pyramids is a hot attraction of the northeastern Africa. From its deserts to pyramids, Cairo to Abu Simbel, it is a place that you should visit once in your lifetime. Thailand situated in south-east Asia; this tourist attraction offers a blend of Indian and Chinese Culture along with influences from countries surrounding it.

So, when are you planning your next trip to the hottest tourist attractions in the world? These are some of the best from the lot; there are a lot many tourist attractions around the world that deserve attention. Do not be perturbed if you are unaware of the places and its whereabouts; visit the official websites of any of these places to know about hotels, tourist places in and around the city, historical sites etc.

tourist attractions

tourist attractions


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