Is FTA satellite TV worth having?

It is completely feasible for anyone, anywhere, to get satellite TV for free. Free-To-Air (FTA) television gets unencrypted signals from satellites for display on your set. The number of people using FTA TV is on the increases because it genuinely is free. Although you can access thousands of channels, before you set up your dish network in Charlotte, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider. Whether FTA TV is a good choice for you or not depends on your viewing habits and what you look for in TV entertainment.

A few advantages of FTA TV:

There are a number of benefits of FTA TV, everything from the price to the picture quality.

1. No monthly bills: Although there is a need for some electronic equipment and the need for installation, once this has been done you never will have to pay another dime for service. The equipment varies in quality, availability and price but a decent setup will cost approximately $200, excluding the installation. Once it’s up and running all the costs associated with traditional cable service will be gone forever; no more service charges, taxes and fees.

2. Free programming: At last count there were over 3,000 HD channels available for FTA reception. The programming is much diversified and lends itself to news, educational programming, sports and entertainment. Many people have installed their dish network in Charlotte so that they can receive varied sporting events from around the world.

3. Global channel selection: With FTA television, you will get channels with much more diversity than you are accustomed to. As you can access shows being televised from all around the world, it is easy to find culturally interesting programs that you would never see otherwise.

4. Reception anywhere: As the signal is from a series of satellites, those people who reside in rural areas can now access high-quality TV without the need for cable.

The disadvantages:

Although free TV is great, there are a few disadvantages, which are considered by some as drawbacks to the service.

1. Mainstream programming: Reception of mainstream channels is not available. The large networks encrypt their signals so that you, as the viewer, are not going to get free access to many prime-time shows, or if you do, they may be aired at a time which is inconvenient. You will also find that many programs are in a foreign language with no subtitles.

2. Channels come and go: Even large networks use FTA TV to test out new programming. As a result, the program may only be shown for a couple of months, and then it’s taken off the air.


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