Teach a Child Essential Math Skills with Math Games for 1st Grade

Before your child enters 1st grade, there are specific skills in the area of math he will be expected to know. While your child is likely to learn many of these concepts in his kindergarten class, sometimes with the use of math games for 1st grade, you can also use these games in your own home to ensure your child knows exactly what he needs to. Using the same games as teachers do will ensure he is getting the proper education in math.


Many children are easily able to count to 10 and sometimes even higher by the time they enter 1st grade. However, you want to give your child the tools he needs to count up to 100, especially by the end of 1st grade. You can encourage him to learn this basic concept of math by using online games that help him count in a variety of ways, including skip counting. Being able to count by 2s, 5s and 10s can all be useful skills as your child moves through 1st grade.

Recognizing Quantity

You want your child to be able to quickly count items to ensure he is able to complete his math quickly and efficiently. Some math games for 1st grade show a child how to look at a group of objects and quickly assess exactly how many of them there are. Not only will this help your child become faster at math, it will allow him to learn how to efficiently complete math problems without having to physically count.

Other Skills

Many students know how to complete simple addition and subtraction by the time they enter 1st grade. However, there are plenty of other math skills that are necessary to get through the year. For instance, you want your 1st grader to be able to count money, measure, create graphs and tell time. All of these skills can be learned through the use of quality math games that were designed by teachers for 1st graders.

The use of math games for 1st grade, both in the classroom and at home, can ensure your child is ready for 1st grade and beyond. Being able to complete counting with a variety of methods, including skip counting, and quickly recognizing the quantity of objects by sight, will give your child the foundation he needs to get through the year successfully. In addition, there are plenty of games that offer the opportunity to learn a variety of other necessary skills for 1st grade math.


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