Movies that create magic

Wizards and their wizardly powers seem to enchant everyone today. The power of these wizards and fairies seems to mesmerize not just children but also the adults today. Magic movies range from sorcery and witchcraft to fairytales today catering to all kinds of audience. The two of the biggest and most popular movies today are the Twilight series and Harry Potter setting fire in all the multiplexes around the world. These movies started off as low budget movies but managed to raise their bars and make several hundred million at the box office.

Technically speaking you cannot classify these movies purely as magical but they fall under the same genre as many of the others. These movies can more broadly be classified as fiction based movies. Harry Potter is one of the biggest hits making a history after the all famous Star Wars. Though these movies are countable as of now but the future will see many more adventurous stories. Magic based movies have mesmerized its audiences for decades. The illusionist was a great movie that did very well at the box office. There are many more movies which have been appreciated by the audience like the Witches of Eastwick. Jack Nicholson did an awesome job in that movie.

Movies have always worked wonders with its audience and so has some great magical television shows. Bewitched was a long running classic about magic spells and is still in syndication. There are a lot of shows specially for the younger audience like Wizards of Waverly place on Disney Channel which showcases a happy friendly family. This show has been a mega hit with children and continues to grow its popularity. The principle is based on wizardry and magic spells. There are numerous choices to choose from, you just need to let your winds of imagination fly.

movie magic

movie magic


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